November 26, 2012

Yes, this is another post related to “playing it small,” ­čÖé ┬áI thought I would title it something different. You see, all these years I was blaming others. ┬áMad at Spirit because of what it was doing to me. ┬áKeeping me down. ┬áSince I am stepping more and more into the place of enlightenment – all areas of my life where I was playing the victim are coming to the light. ┬áIt’s really a remarkable experience. ┬áI am loving all the lessons and awarenesses I’ve been having.

So one of those ways I was playing it small was by blaming others for keeping me down. ┬áMany people weren’t signing up for programs or events. ┬áPeople were telling me my prices were too expensive, that they didn’t have the money.. and on and on. ┬áBut now I realize, buying into everyone else’s thoughts and fears and worries, was the way I WAS KEEPING MYSELF DOWN.

It wasn’t them doing this to me…. their comments reflected their own state of being. ┬áTheir fears reflected their own anxieties, their own places in their life where THEY NEEDED HEALING.

And that’s the problem with being around low vibrational people. ┬áPeople who haven’t done the “work” that you have done and the problem with not hanging out with people who are higher on the totem pole with you.

That’s why you always hear people say to hang out with people who are more successful with you. ┬áThis could mean money wise… which I used to think it was… but now for me, it includes people with more money as well as done more healing related to money and success.

Because even though you won’t realize it (for years I didn’t) these people who weren’t on a higher level of thinking and healing than I was, were keeping me down. ┬áKeeping me in victim mode. ┬áKeeping me small. ┬áKeeping me hiding and playing it safe.

No more. ┬áI’ve got it now ­čÖé

So many discoveries, so many shifts all in one day ­čÖé So fabulous!