January 16, 2013

Funny how I wake up this morning asking THIS question after my last post (from yesterday) was about patience.

This pertains to my dreams.  The items I’ve been working on NOW and for many months now, I think…. sometimes actively ,sometimes not actively, but these are things I’ve been wanting / thinking about for several months now — and even longer as it’s been in my mind for many years.

So a day or two ago I got an AWESOME card (I play with oracle cards) and it said that I was about to be rewarded… something with my goals coming true… that it was worth the wait and that not only did I have to be ready but others had to as well.

And that’s what I’ve been feeling the last month or more, that I my guides, etc were working on things behind the scenes and other things had to pull together.

Well now I am here waiting again and wondering – how long should I wait for?

I know I should go on with my life and keep on keeping on, and I do, but I also don’t really — cause I feel like these are all the next steps for me.  Everything I do relates to them.

It’s a bit hard to explain maybe…. as I’d like to stay out of the drama of it.  I’m just going to say here that this is what I’m wondering and I prayed this morning for Spirit to show me evidence that some of these things – one of these things – is happening.

I haven’t touched my book in over a month – no interest.

I sent one query letter to an agent earlier this week that I felt guided too – already heard back from her (that was super quick) that it’s not the project she’s looking for – and that’s fine, but I don’t feel like sending more queries now.

Don’t feel like going to writer’s circle.  Don’t feel like doing any of that.  So instead, today I will do some artwork.  More “be-ing” time.  I know I said I like this and I do, but right now, in this moment, I’m wondering what’s up with career things… cause I feel like doing and having.  Yep, having.

Okay… moving on.