March 8, 2014

So all of tonight I’ve been researching.  It started with me thinking about life being pre-destined — and free will only in minor things..

I was looking for some information on that.

Thinking about this new guy I met.  The fellow warrior.  There’s something about meeting another warrior that always makes me feel so happy, energized, alive — connected and understood.

I love it.

Well, anyway, somehow I was guided back to New World Order talk — Illuminati and Mind Control.

Back to the same old, same old.  Deeper into the rabbit hole.

I don’t mind it cause I think it’s very interesting — but I think this proves the whole point, OUR LIVES ARE GUIDED – OUR LIVES ARE PREDESTINED.

I know I am meant to talk about this stuff.

It’s really strange at times to me because I feel like I don’t know so much.  I’m still curious.  I’m still researching.  But again, as we learn, we teach.  That’s the path.  It’s no longer interesting once we understand it.  That’s what happened to me with teaching about love/soulmate/The One.  Sure I can and still will talk about it, but it’s not something that really gets my heart pumping.  This NWO stuff does.  The web that it weaves is so interesting.

So something that has come to mind today — is that if I accept that all of life is predestined… then there’s no need to be pushy, be salesy, be concerned, or even mention it a bunch, etc — and with that, no need to feel bad about it either — whether a person decides to become a student of mine or not.

Hey, if it’s all pre-destined then again, this is big cause for celebration — and more so, RELAXATION.

Which is exactly what Spirt has been guiding me to do lately.  Chill the fuck out.

So can I accept that?

Can I accept that I just be who I am — share what I have to share — offer my services to people, like with this guy today — and then totally release from it.

Even when I was talking to this guy today I noticed that I was mentioning it TOO MUCH about him being a student of mine.  Spirit told me that next time I see him to LISTEN MORE.  I was good at listening in the beginning but then something must have activated in me, an insecurity, a proving of self or something, that I started talking too much.

Too much information for the first time us meeting.

But it’s okay.  I’ll do better next time.

And I’ll just chill.

If people want to work with me — if people are PRE-DESTINED to work with me, then they will.  They will ask to – they will want to – they will sign up to, etc.

Can I accept this?

Can I chill the fuck out?

Can I totally release my hold on the straps?

Release the leash?

Can I?

Can I go to that next level of trusting?  That Spirit is in control — and like that guy said, rather than just “selling it” — buy it too.

I always say “Spirit is guiding” — well, can I accept and demonstrate in my life how “Spirit is controlling it too?”

Because it’s true.

That’s truth.

Can I not just say it — and do it. Trust it.

Yea, I think so.  It seems like that’s the only way forward for me.


This is getting interesting.  Exciting.  Thrilling.

Like a little experiment… that will turn into a way of being… a life… and huge success.

Yep.  This is the way forward.