January 1, 2013

It’s a few hours since I put my 7 Day Violence Detox video out into the world and this is what I realized.

This is what came to me.

I am now able to hold the space for this.

I see how in the months coming up to this, I would feel my greatness, I would sense it.  I would step into it and then have doubts, fears, and anxieties come up.

It took a lot of energy to hold this level of awesomeness (that’s the word that comes to me) 🙂 and I wasn’t able to hold this level of vibration of before.

It would bring on too many worries.  I would get afraid.  Past life stuff wound come up, childhood stuff would come up, wounding would come up.

But I kept trying and kept trying.

I kept wanting it.  I kept going for it.  I kept on persevering, despite not feeling successful at it.

And here I am.

I’ve got it now.

I’m finally able to hold the space for this new level of being.

How fucking cool!

This 7 Day Violence Detox is going to be a success.  I can feel it.

….. it already is.

Amen to that!  Thank you g-d!