January 8, 2013

I wanted to write another post related to the one I just wrote — and that’s about holding the energy.

You see I’ve been reaching a higher vibration connecting with these big dreams I have…. getting my book published as well as getting calls for paying speaking gigs.

The book agent fell through.  Not a good match.

One paying gig is happening, that’s here in South Florida.

The other one, where the guy is to fly me to NYC is up in the air.  I will follow through… well, maybe today.

These are two big dreams that I’ve been wanting.  I have been up there, up in that energy vibration level and then I dropped that energy.  I wasn’t able to hold it for the last day or so.

When you do that, things level out, cancel out, or are put on hold.  It makes manifesting slower.

Since I am adjusting to this new level, holding the energy is key.

It happens eventually, but I am putting energy and effort in holding it better.

A big awareness was the post I just made about my addiction to sadness.

That’s interfering with my manifestation.  That’s interfering with me holding the energy.

Now that I have the awareness and am putting tools together to heal that addiction as well as to do certain things when that sadness comes up, I’m on my way to being able to keep and hold that new level of being.  To hold that energy.

Now…. just as a side note, keep in mind I have been working on this for maybe a year now.  Adjusting to these higher frequencies and healing the things that are not allowing me to stay in that vibration.  It could just happen over night, but sometimes, with many things, it does take some time to even out, plus of course support as I’ve been working with some healers and a teachers over this period.

Sometimes you’re just not ready to clear out things…. now, today I am.