June 8, 2013

This is part of what I just wrote on my Facebook: ¬†(and yes, I do realize I was just complaining about FB again in the last post) ūüôā ¬†Obviously this is still something I am sorting out for myself.

Happy to say I’m operating at a new level of psychic-ness. Had a dream about someone, then a day or two later (I need to look it up) had a sign about them, then today, bumped into them (was forewarned by Spirit I was going to see them… then 5 minutes later, I did). — Two more people are on deck. Keeping track of how many days lag before I see them. Pretty cool.

So I wrote that.

And here’s why the hesitation… cause I’ve had it the last several weeks when I’ve shared seeing the number combinations and the totem animals…

The hesitation is there because then everyone knows where I’m at.

I’m vulnerable.

They know my level of psychicness — and it’s like all your cards are out on the table.

For judgment. ¬†Yes, that again….

You see when someone says they are psychic/intuitive you have no idea about their gift.  You have no idea what information they are picking up on you and that puts you in this place of vulnerability. They are picking up stuff on you Рthey are the powerful one with the psychic gifts Рand you are the small one.

I’ve felt this with some of my teachers/healers. ¬†That fear, concern came up.. the oh no, what do they know about me?

But now when I share my experiences (although I’m not sharing them all) it gives people that power. ¬†Or it levels the ground. ¬†They know what I’m experiencing – and if they already experience that then they may think they are better than me… or that I can’t help them because I am a “baby” psychic (when I’m not) — but they may think I am below them and want someone with more powerful psychic gifts.

Yes, I know this is me putting judgment and making assumptions here but this is what I would think. ¬†And that’s what makes me uncomfortable sharing sometimes.

It’s like my heart wants to share. ¬†I’m excited about it. ¬†But then after I do or maybe while or before I am posting I am concerned that I am peeling back that veil and that people can see all about me… when they may be psychic and I don’t know all about their gift.

This makes me wonder if this is another one of those patterns, of me trying to prove myself or being vulnerable around people without being discerning.

Oh man, I almost think that I should just cancel my FB membership. ¬†It’s always there, like too much of a temptation to sign on all the time — and I do sign on all the time.

I need to back off it.

This stuff keeps coming up.  What a terrible addiction!