March 9, 2014

Here’s how the vision went last night…

First off yesterday turned into a very magical day.  Meeting a fellow warrior, the information that came through from that — then a very nice comment from someone on YouTube with the 16th at a birthdate, same as me — and then a “follow” on Twitter from this guy who has a TV show on a major network.

I never heard of this guy or his show before so I looked it up.

It’s about business.  Entrepreneurship.  Okay, cool.  I like that.

I pulled up his show to start watching it.  Watched the intro and it was very interesting.  The guy is a miracle worker.

I look up his bio — and ends up this guy is a BILLIONAIRE.

Yep.  A billionaire.

Then I see his birthdate is the same as mine too — on the 16th.  So here’s the second guy in the day with the same number.  Cool.

In his profile it says he’s a visionary — just like me.

So here’s where the daydream begins….

I think he’s single.  Feels that way…

I have this vision that he wants to engage my services.

He flies me out to see him.  But rather than a regular airline, he has me come to him in private jet.

Then I am there to work with him.

He has me stay in his home.

So what’s the problem with this?

Although I love the vision, I equally don’t like it.  There’s fear.  Feeling of out of control, being taken advantage of, and being put in a sticky situation.

If he sends for me in his private jet — yes, that’s great, living it up — but I don’t know him, I don’t trust him, to be “submitting” to having him send a jet for me.  I feel TOTALLY out of control and vulnerable.  Scared for my life.  Safety.

Where will I stay?

Staying at his home is unacceptable.

It may be beautiful and large — but I’m at his mercy and this makes me scared.  Feeling unsafe.

So I need to tell him to put me up in a hotel.

I do have a control thing and it’s okay.  It’s most of the time about me being safe, protected.

When people have more money, they have more power.  Bigger toys.  They get their way.

And this is exactly why Spirit has been building me up to NOT be afraid of people with more money than me.  To be able to hold my ground, speak my mind, and command my space.

I want to live in this world.

I want it really bad — and feel it’s the life for me — but there’s this fear, being out of control, being taken advantage of or put in an awkward scary situation because I’m a woman (and “weak”) – -and also there’s concern, fear that maybe this stuff won’t happen, the dream is really big.

But this is my dream and I want it.

So I will work on healing this fear.  Of stating my boundaries and commanding the power that I have.

As another sign from the Universe that this life is possible… I connected with another guy on Twitter who lives abroad — and in his bio and on his website is shows that he is “the trusted advisor to celebrities, business leaders and royalty”

Yep.  That’s what I want. That’s who I am.  And I also remember reading about St Francis of Assisi who is one of my guides that he was the trusted advisor of leaders and royalty (I tried looking for this reference but now I can’t find it) 🙁

But these are all signs.  I love this fantasy.  I choose now to release the fears, I can hold my own.  I am a very powerful and wise warrior.