June 11, 2013

This is what I wrote on my blog today:

Hanging up eye charts in my bedroom – pretty sexy, huh?

Well, since I’ve worked through my emotional healing work… and now I have “nothing” to do — I’m going to turn my attention to “little” things.  Something that I never thought of doing before, but now since I sooo love self improvement — I’m going to focus my “healing” time on healing my eyes.  Yep, next stop:  healing my eye sight.

You see, I’ve been wearing special contacts to sleep almost every night for close to 10 years.  While I am sleeping they reshape my cornea (I think that’s what it reshapes..) and then when I wake up and for days after I see perfect.  Actually better than perfect 20/15.

Well, I recently decided I don’t want to wear them anymore.  Why not?  Because the beauty of us.  Us, meaning us powerful human beings, is that we can heal anything in our life… or our body that we want.  Anything.


So for the last few months my eyes have become more sensitive and the contacts bother me when I’m sleeping… so what is one to do?

Go see my eye doctor and complain?  Nope.
Get regular contacts to wear during the day?  Hell no.
Get glasses?  No way!

I’m going to heal my eyes!  Now that’s the ticket!
I’m starting my “eye exercises” later this week 🙂