November 10, 2012

There is a popular saying in the sales and marketing realm and that is this, “Hang out with successful people and you will become that.”  And whenever I heard this I liked it.  It made sense to me.  But guess what? I never really hung out with anyone… at least not in the last 8+ years when I got more intense on this spiritual path and into the path of healing.

And this, at times worried me.  Both about what I spoke about in my previous post, about being called “different, weird or strange” and because I wanted to be more successful.  But there was no one around me who was more successful, per say.  Not like I was super successful, I’m just saying that, as the saying goes, you are to always hang out with more successful people than you are.

And now I totally get this.

Now I have a different perspective.

A totally different perspective.

I want to share a personal story with you.  A knowing.  And I share it because maybe this is your story as well.. maybe it’s unfolding for you right at this time that you read this…

Since I was young I always knew I was here for a mission.  A special mission.  I always knew I had great things to teach.  Great things to share with the world.  I always knew this.  Now over the years all my time was dedicated to studying and healing.  This took up my life.  There was work.  There was searching for a hubby and there was spiritual studies and healing.

Over the years, again, related to my last post, family members would joke about how I “had no friends” and that I was a “hermit.”

But you see, I never found anything wrong with this.  I was happy in my life.  My brain and my soul was being satisfied.  I loved spirituality.  I had found home.

Now I have a whole different perspective on this.  All these years I have been in training school by my mentors.  Spirit.

The saying goes to hang out with successful people and you will be successful… well I was hanging out CONSTANTLY and learning from CONSTANTLY Spirit.  You can’t get more success than those in the Spirit realm.  The angels, your guides, the ascended masters, the archangels, the fairies.  For I believe, they know everything.  They are all there is.  All knowing.  All powerful beings.

So maybe your path is the same.  Maybe you have be.. or are right now, in training school on how to be a success.  Training school by Spirit.  To be the Master that you are meant to be.  To fulfill the mission you came here to do.

I think this is so powerful and makes total sense to me of all my years of constant study and healing.  The eagerness and curiousness I have always felt.  The passion and the dedication.

So “humans” may try to make you feel bad for having this lifestyle, but there are some of us that are here for really huge reasons.  I am one of them.  Maybe you are as well!

PS:  If you are reading this blog and drawn to this adventure, then hint, hint, YOU ARE!

PSS:  I attracted close to a thousand dollars today, not business related – another gift from Spirit.  I wanted to report this, since I am doing this new lifestyle and “testing” the saying “Spirit is my Source” rather than my job or people being my source.  Amazing!  So it went from $1… to $49.. to close to $800 today.  This has all been in 1 1/2 weeks time.  Incredible 🙂