November 5, 2012

I have so much to post.  I’ve been having so many insights (yes, I know I keep saying that) but it’s really incredible how things have been shifting so fast.  In the past it used to take me several days or weeks or months to realize the lesson and awareness needed in order to shift but these days I get many awarenesses, insights, and then shifts in a day!

So today I want to talk about how I have been growing my energy.  Yep, that’s right.  You might be like, “What the heck is growing your energy?”  And I know, it may sound strange.  This is something I am still learning about (with my mind) as well, but I know my Soul… my Spirit understands all of it.

So, growing my energy.  Basically I am more in a flow with Spirit and my own soul.  I will have a challenge, let’s say… and then I will put it out to Spirit for the answer, then I will wait.  Sometimes impatiently… many times impatiently 🙂  and I will keep talking to Spirit trying to work things out in my mind.  Then I will breathe into the issue.  I will do a meditation type technique that intuitively comes to me… and then once the insight comes to me I let it sink in.  I let it integrate.  Relax into my energy field…

So it’s a sinking in of the energy and realization…. grounding into me.

Then an expansion of my energy field.

So it’s a going deep into me, then into Mother Earth… I let it sit there… then I see rays coming out of me and my energy field expanding.

Sometimes I will ask Spirit to help my energy grow and other times I will just see it or intuitively feel it.

It’s amazing.  And so very cool.  And that’s one of the things that Spirit is teaching me and consciously working with me on.

Try it out for yourself.  See how it goes.  And stop with all the questions on how exactly do you do it 🙂  (I’m that way as well… but I’m getting the idea of how to just go in the place of connecting with Spirit and just knowing).  Actually that’s a good post topic, I will write that as the next one.