November 13, 2012

With all the new insights and changes I’ve been going through another new routine of mine – that is coming so naturally and intuitively – is grounding the energy.  Now I’m not talking about the usual grounding yourself after you’ve done some healing work.  I’m talking about a deeper grounding.  One where I work on containing the “bigger” me that I am becoming.  The bigger me that has grown.  I literally feel more energy force of mine coming alive.  Expanding, extending and it feels freakin’ amazing.  I feel so alive.  So alive.  So, so, so alive.  Words don’t do it justice.  I feel like superwoman.  Fully embodied and incredible.

So with this new energy force coming alive in me, I need to consciously breathe through it.  Consciously slow myself down and get myself re-established here, in the human earth experience. I need to go slower the next day.  Spend more time in nature so I integrate the new energies.  Maybe take off from work, several hours or the whole day.  This is where the extreme self care comes into play.  Going to work out.  Taking a nap.  Taking a bath.  Clearing and cleaning my home.  Cooking a good meal.  Praying.  Meditating.  Everything.

Keeping up with spiritual practices.  Slowing it down so this new energy can be grounded, integrated and contained.  It’s fucking awesome!  And this is totally what it means to me to learn through fun, play, happiness, and laughter.  I am totally learning my lessons this way and I love it.  This is such the good life.  I am so loving it!