May 14, 2013

Today I am grounding this new energy and excitement I have in my life.

Living in the daydream of my desires.  It’s happening now!  It’s happening now!  I will live in this fantasy.  I will live in this reality — as it’s here!!  It’s happening now!

I had a terrible time trying to sleep.

So many thoughts going around.  So much excitement in my body.

And gratitude came over me.

Now I will learn, over these next few weeks, etc — I will get to a higher level, being able to take more light and vibration into my body, and I will learn how to build my body structure to hold this light.

Gratitude for all I have been instructed / guided to do by Spirit.

I’ve been working out almost each day.  Swimming laps, lifting weights, running.

It’s been fantastic.  I feel stronger, more powerful.  WAY MORE POWERFUL.

I am doing this – and I am ready for this now.

More and more practices.

And for me, that means balance.

Balance between the excitement of connecting with the TV exec I did yesterday — to what I need to focus on this week — getting ready for my expo.

No desire to be on Facebook.  Yes!  I knew this would fall off when I was living my dreams.  No desire to connect with others right now online.  Just a desire to be with Magic, with Me, with Spirit, with Nature.

I have things to do.

I need to cook more meals for myself.  Make sure I am properly nurtured and supported in that way.

I have my creativity to nourish.  To make more signs to sell this Sunday.  Going all out.  Expectations for me to SHINE there.  I want to lay the energy and daydream about what will happen there.

This takes time, energy — and I happily, enjoyably do it.

I love my spiritual lifestyle.  It’s fabulous and makes me so happy.

I have to exercise this week — that’s a really good routine for me.

And walks in nature.

These things take time and I happily give time to them.

Other things, again, like Facebook are being eliminated.  They don’t matter right now.  I am giving birth, and when you give birth you focus on the delivery.  Total focus on your babies… and taking care of myself, taking care of my peace of mind, nourishing my mind, body and soul — that’s my priority.  My top priority.

G-d, I love the woman I’ve become.

So soulful and beautiful.  Look at me shine!

I find it so sexy.  Yea, I am so magnetically drawn to myself.  I love it.

So grateful for all of this, so in love with life, so in love with Nature, so in love with myself, so in love with Magic, so in love with Spirit.

PS:  My neighbor is giving me a bonzai tree today.  That’s very sweet of her.  Aren’t bonzai trees good luck?  I’ll have to look it up!  Beautiful — thank you!  I happily accept.