April 4, 2013

Tonight I had a beach gathering that I taught about.  Boy, oh boy do I love teaching on the beach.  With all the talk about leaving Florida and freakin’ being done with it here – – I spent time at the beach today, twice and I really love it.  That’s heaven to me — and makes living in Florida alright.

But that’s not what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about the great realizations that Spirit brought to me tonight, through a story I was telling while I was teaching.

So the story was about my interactions with this guy.

How each time I saw him, Spirit encouraged me to talk about my business and I did — despite normally feeling weird, or pushy, or salesy or like I was working with an agenda to get him to an event or to be a private student.

I felt comfortable sharing with this guy about my business.  He seemed interested and open.  And I wanted to feel more comfortable sharing.

I IN GENERAL want to feel more comfortable sharing who I am.  Not feeling weird talking about my business.  Most people are interested anyway.  This is good practice ground.

So Spirit pointed this out — that each time, when I saw this guy (he cuts my hair) 🙂 – I talked about my service and my events.  How I did this withOUT getting frustrated, annoyed, upset, angry that I share and I share and I encourage and encourage and the person doesn’t come.

That’s my past way of being — giving too much.  Too much emphasis on the outcome.  Taking things TOO PERSONALLY

Being upset when people don’t move forward on their path

Being upset that I KNOW I can help someone and they are not moving forward with me.

It ends up being about me — that they’re not moving forward WITH ME.  Get it?

Well, Spirit was showing me how I have been moving past this.  Focused more on them.



People always say that — focus on the client, but sometimes things get confusing and you don’t know if you are (as in, that word SERVICE AGAIN… are you serving them?   What the fuck!)

So that could be hard to figure out in situations like the one I am sharing with you…

But here Spirit was showing me — telling me — I was actually channeling it out of my mouth.  Talking about BLAIRE in 3rd person.  This is the first time for that!!! Totally interesting and freaky and fucking cool!

And they were saying that this took me awhile to learn this lesson (not their exact words) — that I suffered with it for longer than I needed too… being frustrated that people weren’t moving forward with me as their teacher.  Actually, I have to re-think about what I said at the event, can’t totally remember now.

The part that I do remember is that they showed me how I was doing this successful with Anthony — and SUCCESS cause after I stayed the course, kept positive about my work, (MAYBE) didn’t take it personally against my work that he wasn’t showing up to the events (cause he signed up in the past but last minute cancelled out), and how I kept inviting him.  No strings attached.  No pressure.  No invitation with frustration, anger, upset, etc attached to it — just kept talking about my stuff… happy on my way, etc…. and look – SUCCESS – he came!

And there was no wasted energy from me.  No feeling bad along the way (well, yes at times, but not my old usual dark place I’d go)

And this is great.

So I am feeling very happy and grateful that Spirit pointed me out with this while I was teaching tonight.  Very happy!!!  It was a great night!