June 20, 2013

Grateful for the “down day” today — and what feels like the whole week.  This week went so fast and also really slow / boring it feels like.

But anyway, I feel gratitude for it today because I got the idea about writing about my trip going cross country and about getting sponsored for it.

I love the idea.  Really love it.

So again, this is why Spirit wanted me to have time to myself — to rest — and also maybe to feel frustrated — as well as to have time to research the drive — because they knew I would get ideas while I was researching.

So again it’s all about trust.

Trusting that when I have these days that are filled with an unease – wanting to move forward but being too tired to do anything — and a little bit frustrated – in the “unknown” about my TV project.

So now again, things have gotten bigger by taking time to rest.

So Spirit wants me to keep dreaming big…. these ideas get bigger.. and then I need to have even more trust, focus, and holding the intention and the energy that it will come true.

Because yes, there is some (very little) ego concern about now having these big dreams and wondering how they’re going to come true — and when…

But I have to stay out of that.

I need to stay in the dream — and stay in the experience, what it would be like – what I would think, feel, and hear when these dreams come true and act as-if.

In that pretend mode again.

I need to stay there.

Stay in the zone of it being already manifested.