November 14, 2012

I used to run a successful event planning company in NYC.  We did weekly events plus planned Bachelorette parties each weekend.  It was great and very creative.  Something about my new event reminded me of my event planning company.  It was the fun energy and the lightness it carried.  I felt like smiling about one of my spiritual events… which usually always feel heavy and serious.  Spiritual growth and healing is serious.  🙂

But again, I’ve been wanting to change that….

So memories came back from my event planning company.  “Hey, I used to have sold out events!” “My events were very fun.  They were very unique”  “When you do unique events it’s easy to attract people”  “This is you Blaire, this new event is you…. promote the heck out of it”  “Get excited about it”  “Do it!”  “Let the old stuff go”

Yesterday, as I shared it was hard to let the old stuff go… but by the evening, I was thinking differently.  This morning I’m thinking differently…

Thinking how and where I can promote it.

Who would be interested in it…

And so on.

When that ticket sale came through yesterday it reminded me that people do sign up for things in advance (my spiritual beach talks people have been signing up day of… and I was in a grouchy mood about Florida people being slow to jump on things or non-committal, but again, that is all old thoughts and thoughts I’m ready to let go)

(SIDE NOTE…. and guess what?  Just checked my email and another sign up for the event!)

So now I have new energy around this event and my work.

Enough of the old thoughts and the victim mentality.  This is working now.  I have found more of my gifts and I am using them with my fun, playful personality.  Things are different.  Things are different.  They are new.  (I have to keep telling myself this when I start going downhill) 🙂

It also reminded me of how I used to do my email newsletter signup for my event planning company.

Back then I didn’t know anything about informational marketing or internet marketing.  I just did what intuitively came to me and slapped up an email mailing list sign up.  No gift (like those experts suggest) just an email sign up link for people to be invited to upcoming events.

And then it dawned on me – do that here.

Do that now!

Have an email mailing list sign up for people who like your work… but no need to bribe them by giving them something when they sign up.  No need to give them anything.  You sign them up because they are interested in attending an event or doing a program.  That’s it.

I know those free gifts work for some people, but they don’t work for me.

In my eyes, it’s a way a person gets used.  How do I know?  Cause it’s what I do.

I sign up for a list to get the free info and I never buy.


Cause I’m not really interested.  Sure, I’ll take the info for free.  Sure I’ll use it.  Sure I like you.  Sure it’s good info (sometimes), but there’s no commitment from my side of things.

I just gave my email to get.  To get your free info.

So guess what I did just now…. I put up an email newsletter link.  People can sign up if they are interested.  Not to get for free, although they probably will get free things from me like the video series I am still putting out – but now it’s just invites.  Invites to things I’m doing.

That’s the way.

And this makes me feel good.  This way people who like my work can be updated.  When I go to a different state or country, I can notify people who like my work that I am coming to see them.

And as an added bonus, when I was toying around with wording… and looking at my old email newsletter sign up copy… this is what came through for me.

“The Love Guru is all about empowerment.  Learn how to take control of your love life in a way that is based out of love… for yourself!”

Ahh, genius.  Yep, I’m incorporating that side to me.  Awesome!  Thank  you 🙂  Love it!