November 5, 2012

Wow.  I love what I am about to share with you.  This is a huge insight and knowing that has come to me a few weeks ago.  It was a big transition I made in how I do things.  That insight and transition was this:  “Go from questioning to a place of knowing.”  That’s right.  Make that transition.

You see, many of us are truth seekers.  We are curious beings.  If you are reading this blog and on this adventure with you, if you are not aware of that about yourself – it’s true.  Personally, I love both of those things about myself.  I think they are beautiful qualities to have and they have prepared me well and blessed my journey.  Do you really like those things about yourself too? 🙂

There comes a time in our journey that we MUST make the transition.  Now, there’s no pressure here because you may still be a newbie on the spiritual path and you may not energetically or mentally be ready to do this.  You may not be strong enough.  Now, please don’t take that as a diss because it totally is not.  When you are on the spiritual path, I look at it like you are in training.  Training to step into your life mission. Training to take your place on your life path.  There are times of learning, times of growth, and times of healing.

You must go through all of those before you are ready.  Going down the spiritual path takes LOADS of courage.  You are going to uncover things about yourself that are going to rock your world.  Literally.  Some will be freakin’ cool and some will totally blow your mind (and not in a “good” way).  Some things will get you upset.  Somethings may depress you.

One of my spiritual teachers says, “the spiritual path isn’t for sissies” 🙂 and it sure isn’t.

So there is a time to go through all of that.  But then, you get to a place, where I am now, where I was about a month ago that it dawned on me…. it’s time to go from questioning…. (aka asking everyone else what they thought…. researching like crazy, etc)…. to a place of KNOWING.

Knowing.  That’s right, knowing.

For there is a time and a place where you realize, you are truly you and you know all the answers already, it’s just a matter of tapping into the knowing.

WHOA!  That was a huge one for me.  The realization… and then, yes, making the actually transition.  Good luck on that one 🙂  It’s incredible when you are ready for it.