June 12, 2013

This post could also be called — isolation.  🙂

I was walking to the food store and thinking about the changes that have been happening today and by this decision to disconnect from Facebook and I still feel good about it, it’s just an adjustment.

There’s now a new way of seeing the world.

For one, I was laughing about my lifestyle.  Not in a million years did I ever think I would be living this way — no phone, no tv, now no Facebook.  It’s like I am totally cut off from everyone.

Plus add in there that I don’t have a circle of friends here in Florida, I actually don’t have anyone I would call a friend… there are just acquaintances, people who I know.

Then there is no contact with my family.  Except for my Nana.

Again, on my own.

So as I was walking to the supermarket I had to question my sanity.  That was my mind, my ego speaking – or rather, worrying – Blaire, what are you doing?  You’re totally cut off from the world.

But then I was saying…

Most people have no or very little friends.  They have the TV and that makes them feel not alone.  It gives the illusion of having company.

Then people have Facebook.  Again, it gives the illusion of knowing people.  Of not being alone.

But the truth is, most people these days are alone.  And what a shame.  So much technology, so much connection, yet not much intimacy.  (Wow, that’s a good line.  I’d tweet it out if I was still using twitter.  Haha!)

So I told myself, it’s fine, I’m removing the illusions.  Removing the distractions.  I will make real friends in the real world.  I will pursue meaningful relationships.  And then I got a beautiful vision of the man I would like to meet, the man I’d like to be with.  (Cause then my mind was all worried about meeting a new man and the funny conversation we’d have about me not having any of these modern things…. I think it was in my mind because on my way to the street, I passed the cable guy and he was trying to sell me on a cable package)  Funny.

Well right as I was thinking about making new friends, a duck wobbled over to me.  I pass these ducks.. or rather I think they are geese all the time, but this was the first time it came over to me and stayed.  For a long time. So I started talking to it (my new friend) 🙂

And then another goose came over and just sat there.

So I talked to them about coming to me cause they wanted food, told them to give me money and I’d pick them up something at the supermarket and then I said goodbye and continued walking — but this one goose, followed me.  Down the street!  It was hilarious.  And so much fun.

My new friend 🙂

What does it matter what form they come in.  What sweet energy, we were connected heart to heart and it was fun playing with him.

So then I was thinking about business and marketing and the whole Facebook thing again — I was thinking about money and on and on… well as I was thinking about this I passed a BMW with it’s trunk popped open, with tennis rackets and books in there.  Well, I closed the trunk (I’m a good Samaritan) and noticed the car next to it had the license plate 888 — money, abundance.  NICE.  Great sign from Spirit, again, I was just thinking about that…

Well as I write this post it’s 555.  Changes 🙂

Looks like those triple digits are showing up again in my life.  Nice.  Before there was mixed number combinations that I wasn’t totally understanding.

And I was laughing again as I was in the supermarket, because as I was walking around I was noticing how bad my eyesight has become.  I need to start doing those eye exercises.  I was thinking… as I am releasing things in my life, cutting myself off, that my eye sight is going.  Pretty strange.

But again, I can always put back in my contacts, but I don’t think I will.. well, not right now.  I will heal that.  I think this is all a clearing of energy leaks so I can take that huge leap forward.

Instead I am gaining a great seeing (maybe not with my physical eyes right now, but my third eye)

I also realize more and more what I am here to teach.  It seems like everything I end up teaching is going against the grain of what society teaches us or tells us or scares us into thinking we need to do to get ahead and succeed.

That’s what I was doing with attracting the one — same as everyone else, with online dating, singles events, match ups, looking for men in bars and clubs — and instead was shown another way, to trust Spirit, for Spirit to show me the way.

And it worked.

Same deal now with growing a business and making your dreams come true.

Watch it happen.  I will show you 🙂

SWEET!  I’m excited!