May 28, 2013

Going deeper into this fear of sharing the video I just made.

What if I put it up and no one watches?

What if it flops.  There’s no interest.

Do I put up a new website?  Like the MarryBlaire endeavor?  No.

Create a special page?  No.

The feeling / mind thought is that I need this to go viral.  But do I?

YouTube is such a crowded place these days.

So is Facebook – and all of online.

It’s like now there’s pressure to get eyeballs on your stuff.

But again — is there?

Focus on the mission.

The mission is to do programming that empowers society.  That raises consciousness.  Betters society.  I want to lead that movement.

So focus on that.  As I rise, others rise.

We all rise to the top.  We all shine.  All do our dreams.  All live our hearts desire.  People are happy – in joy – we all win.  Focus on that.

But what about these fears that TV execs won’t pick up the idea if it doesn’t get popular?

Something will work out.  It always does.  Your intention is for a tv show.  Go for that.  Keep your eye on the prize.  Write up what you need to be professional.  Pitch this idea and do it.