November 7, 2012

Something – a big shift – that has happened, with all these new thoughts and insights about my business.  It’s the shift from being in fear mode a lot.  Letting those worries and concerns get me down or dominate my mind.. to a place of faith.  A place of knowing.

This blog has helped me get there.

You see, writing on a blog in a public (but private) forum, like we are all doing here makes you accountable.  It makes you “see” what you are writing and thinking.  It makes you take action.  It’s staring at your right in front of your face… you have to do what your intuition is guiding you to do otherwise you really have nothing else to blog about.

Instead you have to write about how you feel like you’re a failure.  Or that you didn’t follow through.. again.  Or how you are all talk and not much do.  It puts you in forward movement zone.  In faith and in knowing.

And this is the place I am here now.  Thanks to this blog and thanks to knowing that others are witnessing my journey.  It’s wonderful.

And this place… the knowing… the firm knowing and trust.. and faith.. that g-d is taking care of me. I always wanted to have hardcore trust about this (when it came to my finances) but it was hard for me to transition many times… until I started writing on here.

And now I am here.  Writing about my journey… and it’s much easier to stay in that focused knowing place that I can do this different type of work schedule… and do this different type of business building, which I am calling “Intuition Led Business Building” 🙂  and be able to firmly and confidently follow my guidance.

I know I will succeed.  It worked for me through my viral website, blogging about my concerns and realizations and guidance about my love life and I know it will do the same here for my business.  Very cool indeed!