March 14, 2014

I see several ways G-d blocked me over the last few days — weeks — years.

I had shared with you before that when I was doing a review of my life about a week or two ago that I saw how G-d blocked me from getting the tv job that I wanted when I was in my early 20s and upwards.  I was feeling grateful that I didn’t start in TV then because I had to develop into the strong, proud, confidence woman warrior I am now.

Coming more recent I see how G-d blocked me when I was in an exchange with another spiritual teacher — I wrote about this a month or so ago — that I didn’t like her on the phone, felt she was a bitch and told her to forget it, I didn’t want to work with her (be interviewed by her) — and she had written later on her Facebook that she tried to email me and I blocked her. But I didn’t.  G-d did.  Protecting me from that email because I don’t desire her bullshit schooling.  She does it as a power thing to try to get one up on people.

And then it happened yesterday, someone had emailed me about the Malaysian missing plane and sent me to a radio show archive.  Spirit has been telling me to NOT listen to other people’s theories about anything in life anymore — that I go directly to them for information.  This has become more clear to me (this guidance) when I got rid of my TV subscription over a year ago (it may already be two years by now) — and hardcore these last few weeks.  Go to them they tell me. Sit in nature.  I get my own guidance. I don’t need to listen to anyone else.  And it has a weird effect on me when I try to listen to someone else’s stuff, I just get a weird mild headache of sorts and need to turn it off anyway.

So this person sent me an email to this radio archive.

I didn’t want to go cause of the guidance I was getting — not to listen.  Not to be tainted by other people’s work.

But still I’m human and I went to click over.  But within a few seconds of the page loading and the audio starting, my screen was whited out and I was taken to a full screen advertisement.  Okay, message received.

I tried again.  Same thing happened.

So I thanked Spirit for doing that twice, because now I REALLY get the message to not go to others. The thing was I wasn’t even interested anyway in it, maybe I just went from old habit ?

So G-d blocked me.  Thank you.

I know there was another incident just recently too… but I can’t recall.

But I see very clearly how G-d blocks me from hearing certain things and being exposed to certain things, and blocking me from harsh energies (like that spiritual teachers possible email she tried to send me)

Feeling very grateful and although I knew G-d was protecting me — because it was a feeling — but now I am seeing it.

I saw it back in December 2013 too when I had a few close misses with cars almost hitting me when I was crossing the street.  That was quite scary / alarming.  I wondered what that was all about, since I always look so good and never saw the cars… and G-d protected me there.  G-d blocked me from the accident.  I took note and didn’t want to think about it any further cause the thoughts scared me.

Now I see it with emails.  Thank you so much.

It makes me feel like a precious gift to this world.  That I have a special message / mission to share and G-d is making sure I get it out there and therefore, protected. I have always felt this, but the protection is a new thing and a confirmation — and a settling, good feeling, protected safe feeling.

I feel so loved, protected, safe.

This is comforting to someone who has memories of past lives for being killed, tortured, prosecuted for sharing what I was sharing… the same theme of what I am here to share in this lifetime.  This time to complete my mission — do it for my life — be un-interrupted by others/outside forces.

Something to continue to think about.  Thank you.