November 10, 2012

I’ve never liked promoting.  Never.  Years ago I did some promotions of bars and clubs in NYC.  I hated it.  Everyone told me how it was easy money, but I thought it was a pain in the ass.  It was such a hustle lifestyle, filled with sleazebag partnerships and “friendships” and both of those are not my thing.  I never understood – others told me it was an easy job (overall) and I always thought it was a hassle and a bunch of hard work.  And I think that’s where my distaste of promotion begun.

But when you get into business for yourself, that comes with the territory.  Promotions.  Or actually many call it marketing.  Those are actually two different things, but many people confuse the meanings of them.

Marketing, to me is more on the creative side.  How you are going to present and position yourself.  I like marketing.  Promotions is more about how are you going to get the word out, as well as drawing people into you.

I’m actually really good at coming up with creative promotional ideas, but not always do I feel it draws people into me for sales.  The weird thing, that I haven’t quite figured out yet, is that I know many people watch me.  A lot of people know what I am doing…. but it hasn’t quite turned into loads of sales.

So I had a talk about this with my guides the other day and they told me I don’t need to worry about promotions if I don’t like it.  Turn it over to them and be done with it.

The whole idea of this transition is for me to focus on my natural gifts and talents and to get paid abundantly for it.  I don’t want to do anything that I do not enjoy and don’t feel I’m good at.

So that’s it.  I do my writing.  I do my videos.  And Spirit gets me the people.  That’s our deal.  I feel like I’ve been thinking this for a long time… and I don’t feel Spirit has been doing much on their promotion side of things (!)… but a few days ago we had an “official” conversation about it and I “officially” turned it over to them.

I’ll remind them about it again now…. make sure they are doing their job 🙂