June 23, 2013

I was talking to a healer about my migraine yesterday and just overall being wiped out and she was sharing with me a channeled message for me.

She was talking about how it wasn’t so much that I got overwhelmed it was that I was riding the wave, really in the flow — and that the waves are much bigger than I’m used to.

So it was hard for me to get out of it gracefully.

That I was overthinking things (hence the migraine) of how I would make things happen, etc. and that’s how I was pulling myself out of the wave and instead I crashed into the shore.

She said it better than I’m reiterating here, but it made sense.

I was over-thinking that stuff.  I was feeling really really good and then hardcore thinking of how I would put those dreams into reality.


In other news today and last night was the supermoon, largest moon of the year (definitely relates to my headache yesterday too) — as well as the solstice.


Check out this link.  How celebrities look without their signature makeup.  Wow.  That’s a big costume (their makeup) they’re putting on.  I thought that was significant since I’ve been researching what kind of costumes to wear when I “perform” / teach – http://celebs.answers.com/beauty/10-celebrities-without-their-trademark-looks


I’ve gotten into the zone of telling people that I’m moving out to California.  “Coincidentally” today when I was waiting in line at the pet store the lady one behind me is driving out to LA as well – at the end of the month.  Interesting 🙂


Something else I wanted to share here is that I have been seeing “BEE” on license plates over the last few months.  Many months actually.  At first it was cute and unique, but now it’s just kind of funny and weird.  I just saw it again on a new car (one of the “BEE” license plates is in my apartment complex so I see it all the time)

How interesting.  The BEE must be one of my totems of this time

Fertility and the Honey of Life,
Accomplishing the Impossible

I think this has a lot to do with no matter how big your dreams are — the promise of accomplishing them is there.

This is the direct quote — “No matter how great the dream is, there is the promise of fulfillment
if we pursue our dreams.”


And I just want to say I feel a little sad now — it’s the ending of the weekend and back into Monday.  The Monday Blues.  Same deal I felt in weeks past.  Again having to do with “what am I supposed to do tomorrow” type of pressure.  The unknown.  It’s revealed when the day arrives.

So actually if that’s the case, then I shouldn’t be concerned at all.

I know it ties into money.  Being insecure as to where the money is coming.  Need to trust…

5:55 as I write this post === Big changes.