November 7, 2012

I don’t know if I’m going to ask students to give me testimonials anymore.  I may just move to a place that I receive / accept them when they send them through, but not ask them.  Just accept.  Receive.

Why?  I’ll tell you why… you see my business mind says get testimonials.  This builds business.  This shows other people you are good at what you do.  This shows people results.  So that’s my logical brain.  My business self.

But then there’s the other side to me.  The questioning side.  The suspicious side.  And when I look at … again, these internet marketers websites… I think all their testimonials are full of shit.  I don’t trust them and I don’t trust their testimonials.

Now of course there’s all different ways you can present the testimonials and yourself.. and that’s a whole other story and lesson…

But here’s what I’ve been thinking about.  I started asking myself, why do I need these testimonials?  I actually have quite a lot already on my website and I have loads of press.  So really if I compare to other people’s sites, I tend to have way more…. yet getting testimonials is still usually on my mind… again, as I think it should be, running a business and wanting it to grow larger.

But you see, me… Blaire.. does not need testimonials.

I know my work is good.  I know I am changing lives.  I see it day after day.  Huge transformations. This is the work that comes through me.  From g-d.  And I see how magical it is.  I feel blessed each day to be teaching this.

But when it comes to others… I think they need testimonials.  To see that I am doing my job.  That I am good at what I do.  To “convince” them.

And this last comment… this last thought is what got me.

I realized something.

You see, if childhood wounds are not looked at and healed, they will effect every part of your life.  I saw this come out big time in my relationship with my Twin Flame.  That was a hugely healing relationship… and not in a lovey dovey smooth easy kind of way.

I see it when I’m working with students… how their childhood wounds are calling the shots.  And this is where I do a lot of work with students, to help them heal that.

But here it was.  Here is one of my childhood wounds that needed more looking into… more awareness… more healing.  And here I am getting it cleared up now.  (how nice)

You see, again, I don’t need the testimonials, but the thought is that I need to “prove to others” that I am good.  “Convince them”

And this is a deep seeded wound from my childhood.  Having good information and wisdom – insights and guidance to offer – and not being taken seriously.  People not hearing my advice.  Not following it.

So I didn’t feel powerful.  I felt ignored.  Dismissed.

So again, I didn’t feel powerful.

So I (unconsciously) have started to think… it’s a way I adapted… that if OTHERS say I’m good and tell these other people I’m good.. then that has more impact.  That that has more power.

But the truth is, it doesn’t.  And it’s time that childhood wound gets healed and goes bye bye.

So this is why I don’t think I am asking for testimonials for awhile.  Again, I will receive them when a student feels compelled to send them my way… but I will not ask.  Or at least I won’t think about it anymore 🙂

Because, guess what folks?!  I am taking back my power in this.

And really this is what this blog is about so I’m grateful for this lesson.  Taking my power back in all areas of my life.. I’ve done it in my personal relationships and intimate relationship.. and now I am doing it in my business life.  That’s what you are witnessing here.  It’s very cool how it’s going in layers…

So how am I doing this?

I acknowledge that I am powerful.

That just my presence is powerful.

I stand in the strength of knowing my work is good.

That it is valuable.

And that’s it.

I let that energy go out into the world and attract ideal students to me.

That’s it.  I am powerful.  My words are powerful.  My videos are powerful.  My blogs are powerful. I have the power.  I don’t need to give away my power and ask others to endorse me to make me worthwhile.

This is a big one.  Awesome awareness!