May 13, 2013

So although it’s tempting for me to continue working until I have my meeting with the TV exec tonight – I won’t.

I’m going to shower up, and get ready, meditate, journal, get in the zone of laying the energy.

Painting the energy.

Setting intentions.

Familiarizing myself with my intentions again and really getting excited, expectant, and in good spirits.

I’m going to sage my apartment and vacuum.

Just prepare the environment.

Like I would if I was going to meet this person in person.

Make it real.

Give it respect.

I feel it’s a way to respect my Spirit friends for bringing it to me.

And a way I’m saying YES, I’m ready for this — I’m serious about it.

Gotta go!

Wish me luck 🙂

May it be in the highest good for both of us if we decide to work together.

Thank you!