April 15, 2013

So in the internet marketing world, which I might add is maybe ridiculous that I still watch what some of these people do since this whole field has been a source of irritation for a long time…. but with that said, I have still learned things from them and there is still a curiosity on how some of these people do it — making millions, etc. when I think they’re full of shit.

In any event, the talk is always about setting up packages for your services.  Not charging for individual sessions.

Yes, I”ve been doing that for awhile.

BUT the way I do it is a monthly charge / investment rather than taking on students on individual sessions.  That wasn’t working for me.

So now the next thing is about these packages.

I think another thing that is promoted is that you should add in all these extras to make the packages more enticing and also so (I guess) it doesn’t look like you’re just charging for sessions.

So usually what people add in is

– recorded sessions

– a live personalized retreat or group event

– another one of their programs, manuals, ebooks, some garbage.

And that’s my point exactly.  Whatever they add, be it transcripts, access to their private FB group, another retreat, another product, etc.  It all comes across as shit to me.

No value.

But here’s where I’m a bit torn.  Because to the mind it does look like and feel like you’re getting MORE.


So for example, this one person I know offers a session, plus a free recording about how to get press.

Okay – that’s helpful, maybe — although on the audio I didn’t learn anything new.  But I happen to know about getting press, so maybe that was just me, but I doubt it.

So for awhile I added more things into my packages.  You know, to make it look like they were getting more.  Again, it’s a psychological thing, I guess.

But I can’t help but look at other people’s packages and think that many of the stuff they add in there looks like shit.  It’s absolute garbage that looks like they are adding more to the package, but it’s really nothing valuable.

This is the same thing when people do a book launch.  They get a bunch of people to offer free downloadable gifts and it’s all garbage.  It’s nothing of value and it’s information overload, I end up getting annoyed, overwhelmed, and deleting it all.  Wanting to simplify my life.

I also feel annoyed that they gave me all this junk.

So what to do?

I think this comes down to me just getting comfortable with charging what I am charging.

At this point, I’m charging $5,555 for 3 months of sessions.

Of course someone’s going to do the math there to figure out how much they are paying for each session.

It’s around $450/hour.  I add in a celebration ceremony at the end of every three months because I think it’s important to celebrate milestones.

So that’s what it is.

I have a weekly check in for them to document their actions taken, as well as resistant thoughts that come up.

They get a mix of spiritual healing sessions and intuitive heart healing sessions.

They get teachings each week.

They get lessons each week.

I sometimes bring exercise sheets to sessions, with specific lessons for them to learn, but I’m questioning whether to keep doing this or not.  I think it adds value, but I’ve also seen how sometimes students just need time to talk, be heard, and get teachings and guidance / activities directly from Spirit.

So I can put that in there as well.  They get the teachings at the session.  Which I do put that, but I also see how it’s greater value again in someone’s mind when they get a teaching sheet.

I would like to type it up right there while I was in session with them and print it out for them right then.

That sounds funny, but I’d be happy to do that although it’d be real awkward.

I thought about doing it afterwards, but again that would take up an additional 30 minutes more of my time.  This is not necessarily about me doing more work — I’ve also learned it’s about my students doing more work for themselves in this process.

So I think this is just a matter of clearly specifying this on the site.

Of course I could add in a meditation or several meditations included in their package — but I don’t even like listening to audio meditations.

It’s a waste to me.  No value.

I could provide them with an ebook on something, but this is more information and I don’t think — actually I know — my students don’t need.

I’ve found it’s not more information they need.  They need more help with implementing.  So if I talk them through this and I keep them accountable, well that’s helpful.

So again, to me, this is about me becoming more comfortable with what I am offering and what I am charging.

I charge what I charge because I am good at it.  Because that’s what I feel comfortable charging.  What Spirit guides me as to what feels comfortable, and then it’s up to me to adjust.

All of my clients get results.

This is where it comes to mind that I need to make sure that each student makes a video testimonial.  I guess.  🙂  Back to that again…

But I think this is more of me just standing in my confidence, in my power, in my value, and also pursuing the things that interest me that get me more in the spotlight – book, tv, etc.