March 5, 2014

I’ve been realizing some thing lately — and that has to do with spiritual people gaining confidence.

All these years when spiritual people are disempowered and weak feeling  / looking / sounding, I see it in new perspective now.

I see it as a time that they are figuring out their gifts.

They’re not sure how powerful they are.

Or how great their gifts are.

Or how they effect other’s lives.

Because they are going through their own spiritual transformation and as they are doing that they offer their services.

And most of them are really insecure.  No confidence in their voice.  And charge very little.

This journey used to bother me.  There was an impatience I had about my journey and in making money and being respected, etc.

But now I appreciate it.

It all comes in time.

And I also see it’s important to figure out your gifts for yourself.  Now of course you have guidance along the way.  A teacher or a healer to guide you.  I had one who was a teacher/healer combined and that’s what I am…. and when you are doing that healing you’re having realizations about who you are, etc and going deeper.

This was so key in my journey in raising my confidence.

I’m very grateful that I went through it — and I’m okay with how long it took — because I’m here, I got here — to a place of valuing myself and having confidence in the transformation I provide.

The other day I was thinking — I became enlightened when I was 36.  I am 36.  Most people I have been meeting who are enlightened are in their 50s-70s.  I did it 15+ years earlier.  That’s very remarkable and that’s what I offer to my students.

The only thing I wish is that I wasn’t so hard on myself through the journey….

I”ll talk about this in the next post.