March 16, 2014

So once again I am seeing how G-d blocked me — or rather, I’d say PROTECTED ME.

I was sending emails to Alex Jones and Glenn Beck for months and months. Not all the time, but I wanted to work for either one of them.

Not hardcore, because they aren’t mainstream media and I want to be on a mainstream station — but it was all who I could see who was reporting the news similar to me.

Well I have been entertaining the idea (and there’s info out there) that Alex Jones is a CIA agent.

Putting out some truths – some disinformation, etc.

And I look at him and I can see that as a possibility.

So here’s how I’m being protected.  Because if I was at that station, I would have DEFINITELY noticed this shady stuff right away — I can feel it — and that would have been a sketchy situation for me.

I was also watching a video that Glenn Beck is in the freemasons. He was wearing a sweater that had freemasons logo on it.  Now I don’t know what his deal is — but he must be up there in the group — well, again, I’m not sure what his connection with that is, but again, I just look at it as Spirit protecting me. I didn’t want to be on his station anyway…. but again didn’t know who else to apply to.

And then the last thing…. the guy I met with almost 6 months ago that was going to hook me up with a TV job or an investor.  Well, I am almost certain he has Illuminati connections that are shady.. so again, G-d is guiding, G-d is protecting and I respect and appreciate that.

Now for the question I’ve been asking for months — where is the best place for me to go?

Who is the best partner for me to join forces with?