November 14, 2012

I was walking on the beach today talking to my Spirit Friends, asking them about all these changes that are happening in my life.  One of the things I was talking to them about was my business and this new event idea they shared with me (The Silly Stupid Event For Spiritual People Who Have Gotten Too Serious)

They said that all these years, on and off, I have predominately been frustrated.  Frustrated with loads of people not showing up at events or signing up.  They said that all this time I have been baking… like a cake.

They said, “Would you want a cake that is not fully baked?”

Well, neither would most people.  (Not sure they said it exactly like that…. which raises a few other questions in my mind, but anyway…)

And that’s why we protected you.  It wasn’t for punishment.  You were just still being baked.

Each time you had frustration it pushed you to express more of yourself.  Try new things.  Come up with new ideas.  Kept pushing and pushing you to become more of who you truly are.

All those parts of you that you disassociated with  – are now back.

They said that of course you will never be “fully baked” that we are always growing and learning, but that my essence is here and now I am to go with it.

There has been a big affirmation that things are different and I have been having memories of how I used to think and how I used to run my event planning company that will complement this new way I will be doing things with Love Guru.

It’s really great actually.

And that bossy self I was talking about a few days ago… well I realize that I dimmed that down because I didn’t think that was the “nice” way to be.  That spiritual people wouldn’t take to the “screaming” that I sometimes feel I am doing when I am “being the boss”

But I realize now that when this “boss” side is coupled with my playful attitude that it doesn’t come off like that anymore.  It actually makes people laugh.

Like how I wrote that copy for the event invite for The Silly Stupid Event.  It was kind of bossy (or could fall into that category…) but no big whoop, cause it was kind of joking, sarcastic, and fun.

And that’s how I used to write all of my copy or very similar for my Naughty Girl Events (that’s the type of events I used to do for my event planning company), they had very cute names.

So that’s the attitude – the personality I am now embracing with Love Guru.

I feel I’ve finally found my niche — or rather, myself with this business.

Nice 🙂