June 27, 2013

The other night I had a conversation with my guides and Spirit friends telling them thank you.

Thank you because I have full confidence and knowing that they will show me how to get what I want.

Knowing that they are doing that right now.


Not hoping that my prayers work.  But knowing that they are heard and they do work.

Through this blog I have been able to develop a deeper relationship with Spirit — and this knowing and I’m so grateful for it.

It’s a knowing that whatever I dream about, I will get.

I’ve seen it happen over and over throughout these months, a progression forward, “real” evidence when I review my notes.

When I look at where I was then and where I am now.

My mindset.

My peace of mind.

The trust and the knowing of being guided by Spirit.

They lead me through the steps that I need to do to prepare myself and then achieve what I want.

It feels really fantastic.

Before it was a hoping that Spirit was guiding me — or knowing the concept and wanting to believe it but not really KNOWING it.

Know I have it embedded into my soul.  I see it, I know it.

It also gives me more confidence, a deeper knowing with my work with students.  They guide me — and it’s the same guidance — the same steps/guidance that I take students through.

The recent thing has been with my divorce.  I just got notification for a court date about a motion I requested.  It’s taken sometime, but Spirit has given me information — what to file and when — every step of the way with that.

Same deal with my money mindset.

And with my TV career.

I see them, everyday guiding me.  Giving me specific things to do — and I am so very grateful for this deep and very close relationship and knowing — and seeing things happen.

Thank you very much.

I love you too.