February 22, 2014

So something came full circle yesterday that I am appreciating.

I was on a call with another spiritual teacher and it didn’t go too well.  I didn’t like her tone of voice and didn’t like how she was saying what she was saying — and just didn’t want to work with her.

She’s not in alignment with me.

So while she was on this diatribe of trying to lecture me about something with my business I just cut her off, said thank you, forget it, and hung up.

It was abrupt.  I could have used my words more but when I was trying to get her to move on from it earlier she wasn’t taking the hint, she kept harping on it.  And as it was going on more and more, her dominating the conversation, her speaking in a demeaning and angry tone — actually the whole conversation since she picked up she sounded angry and not someone I wanted to speak to.

Again, I will learn how to end those conversations sooner —

So she went on her Facebook and shared what happened in our conversation – her version – and tried to turn it around so she looked like she was in a good light and then she tried to teach a lesson to her followers at the end.

I’m resisting the urge to tell her off and tell her that she’s wrong in her portrayal of what happened — but I’m just letting go.  Who cares.  It’s her ego.  She needs to be right and protect herself, so who cares.  Let her.

And it reminded me of what I was doing in the beginning of this blog.  How I was frustrated and how during the blog sometimes I was speaking about my clients.

I will never do that again.

I think that’s meant to be private.

And normally it would be, I have been sharing private stuff here so you can see the journey, but it also came out in some of those videos — I was trying a different way of communicating and I was frustrated — and it is what it is.

Being on the receiving end of it (and I have paid her, technically I am a client of hers) it comes off as not classy.  If I was her, I wouldn’t even connect with the energy enough to write about it. It’s not worth it.  And again, it’s not professional, not classy, and not in integrity.

I noticed this lady doing this in the past.  I always thought she was public shunning and wondered why she did this and thought it wasn’t good.  But I just watched…. and now I’m on the receiving end and it’s not a good move to be doing it.

I also remember thinking when I first signed on for a session with her, I said to her to not talk about me on her FB page.  It makes clients not trust you.

I recently had this thought and situation with a mentor of sorts.  She’s always sharing stories about her clients.  I told her to not share about me.

So this confirms how I don’t bring up my student stories.  People do that for testimonials to show how great their clients are doing, but for me it’s a trust issue.  I don’t trust the person.

As far as the other lady – the shaming lady — yea, it’s not classy and it’s not right.  Makes you look wounded and like a crazy person.  Not like a mature, enlightened spiritual teacher.

Great lesson.

Great realization.

Thank you.

(Now of course I could edit and remove the videos of where I was talking about students, but I’m not going to do that.  I honor my journey and that’s where I was then.  I appreciate it all. Thank you.)