November 23, 2012

Even though the last few days have been highly emotional and a rollercoaster ride, I am grateful.  I am grateful because I know all these issues are healing and that means I will have more freedom in my life and my career.  I see how all of these wounds have been holding me back from taking my business to the next level and I am grateful that Spirit has brought this to me now to clear and heal it all.

This has been going on layer by layer for many years – with more intensity to it over the last 2 years, but this is the first time that I’ve seen the correlation with my career.  Again, this is a great discovery.

Childhood wounds will run your life if not uncovered and healed.  Again, I’m grateful this is being healed now.

I also know that with all of this clearing and healing it brings great gifts.  Many people have trouble or shoo away from going through healing (I’ve been noticing this as well) – it takes great courage to go through healing – I’ve never realized this about myself or given myself so much credit for this and usually just brushed it off, but now I am really seeing how strong and powerful I truly am.

Whenever you go through the “dark side” there is always more light to meet you when you are through it and there are always so many gifts to receive because of it.

That’s what I’m doing in between the clearing and healing… the sadness, temporary confusion, and crying… I’m being grateful for the gifts that have been coming into my life.  I see them now and I know there are much more to come.  I think its going to happen most definitely over the next few weeks.  My dreams are coming true and I’m ready to party.  Thank you.