November 17, 2012

I wanted to talk about free stuff today.  More specifically free stuff that people give you by signing up for their newsletter – or free videos they do – free phone calls – free articles, or the such.

Well, with this “free” stuff which is a “bribe” to get you to know, like, and trust them…. I have always accepted these gifts and have gotten to know… like (some) and only trust (some of them).

Most of these people I haven’t purchased a thing from.  No desire.  Why?  Don’t really need their services.  Don’t care.  Not interested.  They’re a distraction. A distraction from me.  From my work. From me helping others.  A procrastination technique.

Only one person that I met online like this have I hired.  It’s one of my spiritual healers.  If she wasn’t doing her “free” show then I wouldn’t have met her.  So this was good — beneficial…. but still, I don’t know.

I’ve been thinking of doing my radio show again.  Maybe just go on one time this week and talk about what I’ve been up to.  Talk about and how it’s one of my unique gifts and talk about gifts in general.  Just as a way of keeping in touch.

I’m just feeling this all out….

I think generally the email newsletter thing is a bad idea.  In our society, at this current time, we’re so bombarded with information and more information — people selling their goods and more of that crap.  I think people have had enough of it.  I sure have.  Most newsletters I subscribed to, I am deleting or unsubscribing.  Again, time wasters.  Watching what others are doing…. instead of being the star in my own life.

I watch their videos and maybe get a tidbit, but again, never buy…..

Some things to think of.

When it comes your turn of deciding these things…. it’s what you’ll be thinking about too 🙂

These days I just want my inbox clean.  I notice how all of that “garbage” just drains my energy and wastes my time.  Anyway…. all good thoughts 🙂  The journey continues.