May 28, 2013

This is what I posted on FB yesterday:

Hey Guys! I’m still on my “time to myself / connecting with nature” retreat but wanted to come online to share some things.

First off, I have been having an incredible day. Ended up in a place I wasn’t expecting to go today and had a great day learning about marine animals. That’s the great thing about living in South Florida, lots of marine animal education and opportunities. Today I fell in love with eels and sea horses.

Now for the even juicier news. I found two of the most perfect places to speak. Two places, one more than the other, that I have been dreaming about — a place to speak. Both are outdoors, in the woods, one is water side, amphitheater style, and very natural feel – in the middle of nature. It’s absolutely perfect and I love the idea of speaking and teaching with butterflies and dragonflies flying by. Absolute perfection.

So here’s what I am looking for from you. Are you a Promoter? Do you have experience promoting events? Are you able to draw a crowd of 50 – 100 people or more consistently, men and women who are:

– single and looking for love
– mostly in their 30s and 40s
– interested in changing the way they date, want a way that works
– a crowd who is spiritual and/or into self growth/improvement.
– a crowd that is eager and curious learners, hungry for information

And located in South Florida?
(If you are not located in South Florida, keep reading…. )

If you are able and interested in promoting my events, I want to speak with you.

Here’s what type of person I am looking for… is this you?

– you are into self improvement and personal growth
– you are deadline oriented and a perfectionist
– you are reliable
– you respond to emails and/or phone calls within 2 hours time or sooner M-Fri 9-5PM
– you have a business mind / you’re business savvy
– you have a lot of contacts / you know a lot of people
– and you’re passionate and excited about working with someone who is going to change the world.

If this is you, let’s talk.

This is a profit-share position and will be an ongoing and blossoming relationship between you and I. I have many things I am knowledgeable to teach about so you should be future thinking and relationship minded.

If this is you, please forward me the following:

1 – send an email to guru @ loveguru .net

2 – Include a paragraph or two telling me about who you are and your experience promoting this type of event. If you have experience promoting other types of events then I am interested in you as well, but would need to understand how you will be able to pull a crowd that I am intending on above.

3 – Paste your resume into the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened and your email will be deleted.

4 – Include a link to your Facebook page, personal and professional. I want to “see” who you are.

5 – Tell me where you are located.

Messages posted to me through Facebook will not be tended to.
Please reply ONLY the way I share above.

If you are located in another city / state or country — and the criteria above is you and you would like to work with me, then please send me your information. I am open to traveling to other locations to share my work.

Thank you!
Looking forward to speaking with you!



I had seen this place before and thought one day I’d like to speak in a place like this.  But this time I was like – now I will.

So I posted an ad on Facebook and got the number for the lady who organizes events there about renting it out.

I’m going for it.

I also took a picture of me there which I will print out and hang up.

I also walked through some of the talk and started to get ideas of how I would interact with the audience.

So yes, some concern creeps in – me putting these things on Facebook, with “everyone” watching. and it could be embarrassing if it doesn’t go over.

But I need to release these things — and I do, everyday.  Just let them go.

Who cares what others thing.

I am moving forward.

Interesting how the embarrassment thing comes up a lot as well as the concern over what others think so much.