July 3, 2013

Very proud of myself.  I found my rhythm.  I feel professional.  I look professional.  This is great!! I feel FANTASTIC!  And I love how I look.  I haven’t seen myself looking so good in years… but then again I haven’t done my makeup and gotten dressed up in years either.  But that’s what happens when you work from home….

Go me!!
Loving it!!

After I made this post I went out for a walk with Magic…. and a Turtle popped up to the surface in the neighboring lake to say HI.

I’m bolding what I think the message is for me today.

Turtle is the oldest symbol for the Earth.
It is the personification of goddess energy and the eternal Earth itself.

If you have a Turtle totem,
you must be mindful of returning to the Earth what she has given you.
Honor the creative source within you.
Use water and earth energies to create a harmonious flow in your life.
Ask the Earth for assistance and her riches will pour forth.

If a Turtle totem shows up in your life,
slow down the pace of your life.
Bigger, stronger, faster are not always the best ways to reach your goals.

Turtle is fine teacher of the art of grounding.
When you learn to ground yourself to Earth’s power and strength,
you place focus on your thoughts and actions
and use the Earth’s limitless energies rather than your own to accomplish your will.

When I took a break from the trial I pulled a message from one of my oracle books and got again… Let it come to you.  Step away from struggle, hold the vision of what you want, let it come to you.

I keep getting that one….