May 13, 2013

Today is a happy day!

I was stressing here and there — too much for my liking about my money situation.

And then yesterday Spirit finally made some suggestions to me as to where to find money – what things I could sell to get money, etc.

Yesterday made the money thing stress a bit worse (again, only at times, as I’ve been “controlling myself”) because it was Mother’s Day — and I knew that if I emailed my mom “happy mother’s day” since that’s how we communicate these days, since we’re not really liking each other. — well I knew I didn’t want to do that.

I wanted to honor my feelings with that.

Wanted to stand on my own two feet with Spirit.

And hmm… actually, I know exactly why I got this good news today… as I had to go through that feeling and make a decision yesterday before I could be rewarded today.

You see, I didn’t want to contact her.  I wanted to honor that.

BUT there was this part of me — MY LOGICAL MIND – FEARFUL MIND – saying, you probably should just email her, that way if you have to ask for money it’ll be okay.

But I debated my mind.  I had to.  We had a screaming match last time we saw one another, it didn’t end well.  The relationship ended with my father as well… so I didn’t want to go and email, ignore my feelings for the sake of theirs.  Plus I questioned if they would even agree to give me anymore money since over the years my mom has been handing me money here and there…

So I chose to honor myself and be by my side.  I continued to pray about it.

Anyway, this morning, my bank account was fuller than expected.  Than the last time I saw it.  More money in there.  My rent is paid for.  I’m fine for this month.  (That was my fear, I wanted to get through this month, know I had June’s rent and my expenses as I know things are happening in my career right now and I’m in a transition.)

So that was celebration!  Big celebration!

It buys me more time!! PEACE OF MIND.

And then I called about my IRA.  That was one of the ideas my guides gave me yesterday — and there was much more money in there than the last time I checked on it.  So perfect!  And so grateful.  So I can cash out of there anytime I want and have the money in my account.  For savings.  It just makes me feel so much more secure.  Gives me the ability to function rather than be in fear.

So big appreciations for the money – thank you g-d.  I did another happy celebration dance.  So important!!

And now I have the knowing it’s there if I need it.

I will leave it in there and still focus on creating money.

That’s what I’m doing now!



PS:  It’s really important that you master these kind of mindsets.  If you hear any expert talk who has a lot of money they will always share how they went through period (S)  that’s right PERIODS in time that they didn’t have any money… and it was their ABUNDANT MINDSET that got them through it and back into the millions again!!

HELL YEA!  Feeling so good about my life, my career, and where everything is going.  Sculpting and walking more and more into this much better life!  The life of my dreams!!