June 21, 2013

Yesterday I was reminded to realize and pray and consciously speak about how MY DREAMS are FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.

The TV show is for the good of all — because it inspires others to dream bigger… it inspires people to go for their dreams…. it educates them the steps on how to do it… to go step by step and follow the signs…. to pray and have g-d be part of the journey… to keep the faith… to believe… to know… and to get support when needed.

For my writing job, writing about going out West — it’s for the good of all because it encourages others to challenge their beliefs on what a woman can and can’t do… what they can and can’t do… it encourages an adventurous Spirit in all… to clear out fear and go in faith and fun…. to make things fun and adventure, rather than be stuck in fear… it’s about making life fun… making every moment fun.

These ideas — and me in these roles — are good for everyone.

Everyone wins as we all get raised when someone does something inspirational.

As someone clears away their fears.

When I rise — you rise.

As I shine — you shine.

Ahh… I’m reminded of this song.  This will be my song of the day.

Fly Together — Red Cafe



And this one came up too by “accident” 🙂

If I Shine You Shine – Fabulous

(I got the song titles crossed / confused) but look how that worked out. no such thing as “accident” / “coincidence” — even funnier cause I just wrote this on my website page as the home page greeting people. fantastic synchronicities.

Two songs.  Great.