November 9, 2012

So as you see I “released” another one of my videos this week.  Two videos in the series in one week.  This would go against typical marketing advice…. “you’re supposed to space it out.  Give them time to digest it.  Don’t overload with information”

Yea, I know.  Well, I really just don’t know.

I woke up this morning and it felt like it was time to put out another video.  I question if this is “trying to get attention” or “trying to get people to notice me” or truly guidance.  I think it was guidance.  Yea, I’m pretty sure it was :).  But in any event I just did it.  I don’t know what I am expecting to happen when all these videos are out in the world.  Is that when I will finally “make it?”  It that when I will have a million followers and my big dreams will then finally come true?  Someone will come into my world.. notice me… and offer me the big deals I am interested in manifesting?  I don’t know.

(And yes, I know I haven’t told you what my big dreams are, but I know that through this blog you are going to see them manifest. You will be witnessing it all happen) 🙂

So we just see.  I put out the work as I am guided and see what happens.  Feel the confidence in myself and just let it be.  Spirit decides when my dreams come true.  Until then I’ll keep on truckin’