June 11, 2013

Today I wore the cutest skirt.  I found it in the kid’s section of the store.  That’s right, it’s a child’s skirt.  I also think I may have gotten a size too big.  I may have to go back to try on the smaller size.  Funny.

It’s really cute.  And actually looks quite normal.  Meaning grown up.  But still very adorable.

I realized a few weeks ago how I always am drawn to little girl’s clothing.

I know this can start to sound a little big sick, but it’s not.

You know I have been thinking about what my look is.  What are my outfits.  And each time when I’m out I always see a cute little girl,who I usually end up becoming friends with — since I make kid friends everywhere I go… they are always drawn to me and it’s fun cause we end up playing 🙂  Haha — but I realized it a few weeks ago when I noticed yet another cute skirt that a little girl was wearing.

I laughed to myself as I joked in my head to ask her where she got her skirt.  How fucking weird.  And funny.

So when i went shopping a few days ago I was reminded to look in the kid section — and there was this adorable skirt and it looked like it would fit me.  So I took it, tried it on and perfect.

I took the XL just assuming that kid sizes would be really small — but it’s a bit full, and now I’m thinking I could wear the Large.

So I may go back this week… but it’s a bit further and I don’t feel like driving there… again.

So I was happy and felt so cute, like a little girl — I feel like my inner child really enjoyed it, wearing my little girl’s skirt.  Which again, totally could be a grown up skirt.

They make clothing that is so much cuter for kids.  Colorful and just adorable.  When I think about it, for years I have been thinking how cute little girl’s clothes are and always wanting them in my size.

Well.. they are.

So today the neon green lizard appeared again on my patio.  And come to think of it, I noticed a lizard WALKING WITH ME (which was pretty funny since usually they are running in other and weird directions) a couple of days ago.

Lizard is all about following you intuition… listening to your dreams… and seeing your dreams in your mind’s eye – reviewing them before they happen.

And I was thinking about that again today as I was walking around.  Sure I can go into impatient mode, wondering when all this TV stuff will happen, but instead I said to myself – you’re building the energy, keep building a strong foundation.

So I am.

Btw, I decided to send my dad a card for his birthday and it’s a funny one.  I think he’ll like it — and I’m sure he’ll be surprised to receive it, several days late, this weekend.  Hey, better late than never — and I’m sure it’ll be a surprise to receive something from me after today he didn’t hear from me at all.  I just didn’t feel like it… but feel good about the card.

Going to sleep early.  I’m actually laying in bed now.  I’m tired.  Was restless last night and swam laps today, so now super tired.  Magic is already sleeping 🙂

Goodnight 🙂