June 6, 2013 (today is 6-6-6 by the way.  The last time it added up to this was 6-6-2004(=6))


So let’s go back to CRANE and what I am focusing on INSTEAD of the interviewee which totally flaked on me (which maybe is a judgment?  or rather a conclusion?) Okay. well moving on.

What I’m focusing on is this TV pitch.

It’s done.

I cleaned it up today.  The idea is solid and I’m ready to sell it.

I was given the option to spend my time asking Spirit why these things aren’t working out with me with interviewee’s — or to spend my time asking them HOW TO SELL THIS TV SHOW

I chose the latter.  And that’s what I was thinking about when I was walking to the supermarket and heading back.

Focused on that.  What I need.  What I am in control of.  What will bring me money.  What will bring my hearts desire.  NOT what didn’t work out.  NOT what another person was doing or not doing.

So that’s where focus comes into play with me.

I need to figure out how I am going to protect my idea and who I am going to share it with and how.

I don’t know how….

That’s what I’m asking Spirit for help with.

I’m ready to sell it.

It’s ready.

Let’s go!


I’m really excited 🙂