July 6, 2013

So what is the blessing with being here?  Amongst all this fear?

Let’s take the focus off the worry and fear and put it onto the blessing.

The blessing in the current circumstance.

Well, I’m grateful for this time in my life because I am talking about something I am very passionate about.  I feel on mission — and that makes me very happy, grateful, I feel alive.

Grateful cause I know I am in the right place at the right time, I am meant to do this, meant to speak out about this.

Grateful that I am doing my mission.  For many people and for many of my years I wanted to be here and now I am here.  In purpose, right now.  Although I do think my teachings will change through the years, I can’t imagine continuing to talk about this… although I really have no idea, I would have never guessed this one, and if I look back and connect the dots, I’ve always been quite opinionated and like to speak out about it.  I also have been practicing on fluffier topics.

Grateful how I started speaking out, speaking to lightworkers — and now  see the progression of me speaking to mainstream.  I’ve always said and known I am mainstream, and here we have it being shown.  Thank you.  It’s great to have confirmation that I’m right.

I’m grateful that I am not just a pretty face talking about stupid meaningful stuff.  I am able to use my brain here, show my intelligence and get appreciated for it.  I love that and am so grateful.

I am grateful that I feel as though I am a role model for other spiritual teachers/healers/leaders, I’ve felt this for quite some time now and now I am feeling it again.  I also think I’m a great role model for younger woman, to be educated and speak with confidence and strength.

I love being that kind of model.  One who uses her intellect and is attractive.  The perfect combination.   I like talking about things that matter.

I do feel grateful that I have been given the insight about the injustice going on in the world related to this.  To have the perspective shift and awakening that it’s not an injustice towards blacks that I’m talking about, but an injustice towards whites.

It’s almost like white-power.  How funny.  And a bit scary… although you see how girl power is accepted and how white power sounds klu klux klan ish.  Oh gosh.  What has Spirit gotten me into? LOL.

But maybe this is re-writing that KKK bullshit.  Maybe this is about a healthy love of self.  Healthy love of your race.  Protecting and standing up for your race.  Not being stepped on.  Being in your power, with love.

It’s not okay for blacks to say racist things about us — just like it’s not ok for us to say it about them.  Somehow many of them have been given the “get out of jail free” card.  Oh man, Spirit, really?  You’re making awful jokes.  Not politically correct at all.

Haha, crazy and okay, I’m done making this gratitude list.  My guides have made me laugh and are telling me and showing me to lighten up with all of this.

Other people may be “heavy” about the race issues, but I don’t need to be.  Lighten up.  Educate, awaken.  Share the information in a digestible manner.  Again, I’m thinking of Alex Jones and how many are put off by him because he comes off so crazy.  So just be me.  I don’t come across like that.  I come across as a thinking, feeling, grounded person.

So again, today, do your research, ground myself, go in nature, journal, think.  BE.  Ground the energy and then I will be ready if I want to to make videos, speak out, tomorrow.

Okay, thank you.