May 5, 2013

Today when I was out for my run/walk I was having a conversation with Spirit about my career, my creativity and about my finances.

As I was talking to Spirit about being in the flow of finances, on my path was a nickel…. and then a quarter!

I was laughing.  How funny.  Having a talk about money and there Spirit was sprinkling my path with it!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how connected I am to Spirit.

How abundance flows in every area of my life… except for finances.

This has been a long old outdated story that I am releasing as we speak.

I am rewriting this story.

In the past, no one ever taught me how to make money.

I had no model of a woman who made money (all the women in my family for generations stayed home to raise the kids… even if they had jobs before kids, I never knew about it… it was always seeing the women at home)

So although no one taught me how to make money the easy way, Spirit is showing this to me now. I am in the flow.  I am attracting prosperity to me each day.  I have to stop watching  every minute of the day to see if more money came in, etc.

I was making much more money than I had made before in my business, but my students cleared out to make room for the new.

These are changes I’m going through — Spirit is showing me, by that money on my path that I’m being taken care of.

I need to disregard current situations and live in the knowing and trust.

Void of the worry and fear — and be completely in the faith.

Please help me.

My human self still wants to see lots of $$ coming in each day…