April 12, 2013

I get support from a business group.  I wanted to include my discussion because I think it’s so important you see my process and learn from it as well.  This was a really “hard” experience for me to go through, since there were so many fears that came up, discomfort, anger, etc.

I posted.

Any suggestions on how you’d calculate a refund for a client when they purchased a package — you don’t charge hourly — and they have a few sessions left?

Someone posted:   What per cent of the package have they received?

Me:  around 85-90% just 2 more sessions to go — in 3 months of sessions/1 session per week

Them:  So would it be reasonable to refund 10 or 15% and toss in a lovely parting gift for no harm no foul..something that leaves you both feeling good?  or have you promised a guarantee of some sort?

Me:  okay, that’s fair enough, thank you. but do you do 10-15% of the full pay price or installments? they are paying in installments

(I’ve never been in this situation before… Also, at this point it would have been easy and my old pattern to just say OK to what someone was telling me to do.  Not agreeing with them, but saying OK to appease them.  But I didn’t do that this time, I wanted to honor my discomfort and true feelings)

Me:  they got what they came to me for, i think it’s out of their and my best interest to conclude

Me again:  actually, i’m thinking about this — and i think i’m going to refund based on a set session fee prorated depending on when i conclude with clients, if it’s earlier than what their program sets out to be. we’re concluding because they got what they came for — i did the job for them in 2 1/2 months rather than 3.

Them:  It seems higher ground to take what your client’s total payments would have been as the figure to work from, but do the math on the non- installment figure too. See which sits right with you. It’s the commitment you are honoring. Make sure what you do here is aligned with your core message. It’s not just in the sessions that you have the opportunity to be as you are.

(This felt like they were judging me or shunning me.  I kept going, kept honoring myself…)

Me:  yea, i hear ya. i am playing with the numbers and doing what feels right.

Them:  Yes..remember..you and your client entered a contract. It’s simple. You fulfilled x, she or he received y..and here’s the remainder..so it’s a per cent of the installment contract. To refund anything other than that is PR…and Karma.  let me know how it goes..xo

Me:  (And here’s where the TRUE CLARITY IS COMING IN…)

Thanks. I am still thinking about it — and will let you know, but I am leaning more towards refunding the remaining sessions at a pro-rated amount. This is something I need to add to my contract and will speak to the student about it too. The reason I’m leaning towards this is because they paid me x to fulfill on y. Now I fulfilled on that faster than what was expected, but that’s what they paid for. So I do’nt think it should be a refund for a % amount because I fulfilled on the outcome faster. This is a tricky situation cause I don’t have it in contract and that’s my concern at this point and that’s why also since it’s a new thing that has happened I will discuss it with the client — I feel that moving forward would just be digging up more and new things and that’s a new issue.

Me:  Btw, I should add that I think it’s out of integrity for me to “ride it out” and keep them going for more sessions when they are complete with what they came to me for. Also, I don’t want to dig up more things for them to heal when they only have a couple sessions left, I don’t think that’s right either. I would rather leave clients on a high, feeling good about themselves with all the healing they’ve done, then have them be in this weird in between lost state

Them:   What a great opportunity this client has been. You get the chance to honor your contract. Close that loop with her for such expediency and move to the next refinement of your contracts. How fortunate to have this experience. You must be moving in the right direction! And for her to be such an ace student/ client. Reward both of yourselves and use this to create even more dynamic offers. Be sure to ask for a testimonial. This sounds great for both of you!!

Them:  Im smiling Blaire. You’ve already done the right thing. The noticing, and the honoring both your integrities. The rest is the how. It’s already there. And you move up to the next level. You are very fortunate.

Me:  In great awareness and elation …. see next post.