November 6, 2012

We are at a time that we all have the ability to step into another realm.  Another way of being.  And that is fifth dimensional living and beyond.

The way that fifth dimensional living works is that we create with our minds.  Solely our minds. (Yes, our hearts as well).  But what I mean by that is not so much physical work, like most people hustle at.

So since I have stepped into fifth dimensional living and beyond, I have been monitoring my thoughts more and more.  It takes great discipline.  At times it’s quite a fete.

See, since our thoughts create our reality, when you are at this level, you have to watch all of your thoughts all of the time… and you have to have real good discipline to stop the insanity when you are going around in circles or if you see negative things come up.

Right away you need to “cancel, delete” thoughts in your consciousness.  This is a must and I find myself doing it quite a lot.  Which is good, cause at least I am remembering to do it.

At first there was fear associated with it.  Strong fear that comes up… it’s a knowing that my Spirit has that says, “Don’t go there.  Don’t think those thoughts.  You better cancel them out before they materialize.”

And that’s followed by praying and cancelling and deleting those thoughts.

And putting out the thoughts of what I do want.

When I was first getting into this stuff years ago and learning about the power of our mind and our thoughts, I understood the concept of thoughts becoming things and it was something that I practiced during times in my day or week or month when I wanted something, but now it has become a daily thing… a moment by moment thing to monitor and sculpt.  To keep those thoughts clear and connected.  To keep the thoughts on things that I do want, because the manifestations do happen faster.