February 10, 2013

So as I shared with you I went food shopping yesterday.  From now on Saturday will be my shopping day.  Yea, I know, just like everyone else — and yea, I know, I have a flex schedule and don’t have to go when everyone else does, but it’s time for me to be more disciplined with this.  Saves me time and energy — and these I value a lot these days.  I value myself more too – and my life force.

So having a lot of food in the refrigerator makes me feel wealthy.  I have known this about myself for a long time.  FOOD MAKES ME FEEL WEALTHY — and I eat a lot… and when I am able to eat a lot, I feel wealthy.

SO…. man, it seems like the simplest thing, but I never really did it before.

I made a conscious decision to get a lot of food this week.. and I’m going to go out today and get more!

Stock that refrigerator!

Have loads of variety.  Lots of healthy good and goodies and really feel the wealth.

Before I wasn’t doing that because I never wanted to waste anything.

Sure, money was concerned too… it was money connected to not wanting to waste food, cause it goes bad (obviously) if you don’t eat it pretty fast.

But I have put that aside.  (maybe just for this week as an experiment, but I don’t think so..)

I know Spirit will support me in doing this for myself.  I know I will find ways around wasting food or feeling bad about it…

But this is a way I feel wealthy and I wanted to upgrade my life more.

This is the way I feel loved.

Taken care of.

It’s how I love myself.


ME 🙂

I felt fantastic yesterday and still do today, as I was eating my bacon 🙂