March 9, 2013

There’s the saying – anything is possible.

There’s also the FEELING of it.. and the KNOWING OF IT.

Right now I am in the feeling of it… and coming very close to the KNOWING of it.

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic.  Actually this whole week has been fantastic.  Really superb.  California, the tv and film industry have been dancing through my mind.

The weather has been amazing this week, much cooler and much more comfortable and I’ve been thinking — this is CA weather.  Hmm…. would I want to move to California?  This is a thought I’ve had dancing (yes, that word keeps coming up!) 🙂 in my mind for years.  I always thought I’d move out there, then I sort of shelved it a few years ago.. and now I’m wondering it again.

So that’s been going on

Then a neighbor was talking about California to me… and the weather here feeling like that as well.

Then all these TV, writers, and Film interviews.  I’ve been voraciously studying it all.  Watching them non-stop.  Feeling fueled and amazing by them.

Then this TV series I randomly picked up — The Starter Wife, all about this lady, who’s a writer, selling tv and film rights.  It’s been fantastic.  And then all last night, when I am watching the other people in that story, the “typical” Californians, stereotype of what it’s like out there… again I’m questioning, can I live out there?  Would I like it?  I’ve always heard it’s fake… although I think it’s less transient than here in FL, and that’s something I don’t like about it.

But anyway, all these thoughts swirling.

Then last night, I was dreaming about working on a TV show, being a consultant to the scriptwriters… which reminded me of something an intuitive said to me a few months ago.  (I don’t know if that person was right… I sort of dismissed it, thought it was nice, but I don’t trust those types of readings, so many have been wrong)

So anyway, last night I had that awesome dream, which I can’t really remember — and then this morning I woke up SO HAPPY.  Feeling like I wanted to start packing up — asking Magic, how will we get ourselves out to LA?  Talking about driving and wondering about flying… and if there’s a train (I don’t think so..)

It’s a long drive!  But I have my car to come with me… plus probably some furniture.

The thing about CA that makes me so excited is that you have everyone there living with passion. (Well, not everyone, but you get the idea..) I would be living to my fullest (at least how I’ve always pictured it) Making things happen.  Doing my dreams.  And I so want to live my dreams.  TO FLY.  To create and do and be a mover and shaker.  It’s so fantastic.  Really… the feeling of being alive.

And then this morning, I’m looking at my writer’s group message board and this guy posts something about a self published writer, who sold loads and loads of ebooks on his own and made over a million in residuals (do you realize how much you need to sell??) — and how he just got picked up with an amazing book deal by a big name publisher, who he totally doesn’t even need (this is coming from a report — I think a big publisher is fucking awesome) — and he also got a film deal, etc.

Anyway, I’m totally impressed by this guy.  Flipping out and wanting to study all about how he did it.  That’s incredible success.  he’s blasting off and it’s so exciting!

Anyway, I take a quick look at his Twitter profile and I notice he’s in South Florida!!
Holy shit!  This is fantastic!! I quickly send him a tweet and an email message and invite him to my writer’s group to speak.  AND HE SAID YES!!

I’m on such a HIGH.  I feel like G-d keeps putting these amazing, powerful people on my path — all showing me of my potential — and what’s to come for me too.  I’m so over the moon excited!!! This is the life I have always dreamed of!! !I’m feeling it.. moving into knowing it… anything is possible!!!