May 11, 2013

So that’s it.  I sent out my last email to my mailing list.  For sentimental reasons, let me post it here.  🙂

Hey guys

I wanted to let you know that I am “closing down” my mailing list.

Yep.  Crazy, right?

It’s what I’ve been guided to do.

But you are welcome to keep in touch.

Welcome to still receive my video tips

My articles

And be notified when I do a radio show, etc.

All updates will be posted on my blog,  

feel free to check in there.


Talk to you soon and thanks for joining me on this adventure!


Wishing you the best in love,


And that was it.  Done.
I was tempted to do a repeat message — to send it again tomorrow and the next maybe (not really, lol) cause again that’s what marketing experts say.  People may not get the email at first try.  But who cares.
Those who matter will get it.
Those who don’t won’t notice it.
Oh well.
Who cares.
That baggage is off of me now.
I am now free.
Free to fly — free to do whatever I’d like.
My future is wide open.
Funny how things happen.  I’ve been thinking and feeling all week how my mailing list is a piece of shit now.  No longer aligned with all the healing work on my money story and abundance (or rather poverty mindset) — and I kept thinking / feeling that the people on my mailing list no longer resonate with me.
Instead of feeling like I can do anything and be supported by them.
Instead I feel they are holding me back.
Their mindsets.
Their negative thinking.
Their poverty thoughts.
I am and have been and have released all of that.
Now it’s time for me to fly.
When you want to fly, when you need to fly, you need to cut those sand bags.
Cut the sandbags so the hot air balloon can go up in the sky.
Sure they can still keep in touch, but that’s their doing, not mine.
Not me going out of my way to communicate with them.
Enough of that.
I’ve been trying to fly and carry them.
Why would I do that?
My nature… my patterns.
It doesn’t work that way.
I tried to do it with my mom… getting her to believe in my dreams.
Tried to do it with my ex… trying to get him to expand his energy and open his heart more / to grow and heal.
And now the pattern was repeated in business… trying to lift up and raise in consciousness with my mailing list people.
Those were all old manifestations.
And they were keeping me down.
I release them.
Released my mailing list — released the people trying to keep me down (see how my past student that I wrote about here wanted to meet with me to explain to me “what I did wrong” basically and in so many words he was going to do that… and then this girl who joined Blairesland recently, on again how she was irritated by me trying to help her through the video on Triggering and sharing more personal attention with her through email)
Again, release of all this stuff.
Release of my mailing list.
And I smile and bless them all.
As I was doing that — I heard Spirit smiling at me… saying look at me, I’m FEARLESS!
Yes I am!
Thank you!