May 23, 2013

9:44AM – 9, completion?  get to work lightworker?

44, angels are watching over me.

Again, not really sure of these — still noticing them.  Learning more and taking notes as I go.

I had some wonderful healing yesterday having to do with the overwhelm I was feeling at the Expo.  Also healing having to do with my feeling that people are wasting my time.  Ends up that is a feeling from when I was really young.  Grateful I have gifted healers around me.

Now it’s 9:55AM.


I started reading my TV books again.  That’s what I’m going to do today.  I have work to do.  Pitches to write up.  Work to be done.  I’m doing this!  Now is my time.

Had a wonderful reading tonight.  A mini reading by this healer / psychic.  I had a reading by her a few months ago and she helped me move through what was holding me back, fear of being taken down when I’m successful.  I wrote about this…

Well, she really helped me move forward and what she said has been coming true.  Basically that I was going to turn around my life by June.  It’s not June yet, but I feel like my life has totally turned around.  I am moving… moving… and in that good zone.  I didn’t feel this way when I spoke to her about a month ago.

So I had a FANTASTIC reading yesterday.  It confirmed everything I’ve been thinking and feeling.  About being the creator of my own show, the consulting producer, and the host.  She said she sees me having my own studio show.  Not sure she really knows the lingo but what she was saying to me was dead-on for my visions.

Now of course I could say she was just picking up things from my psyche. But I’m not doing that.  I am going for this.  Now is my time.  She told me to not settle.  The TV things that are swirling around me right now may be good, but she said go for what I really want.

And that’s want – the whole shabang!

Again, it confirms what Spirit has been telling me.  Each time I have a vision for something.  A dream, a desire.  My guides tell me THINK BIGGER!

I’ve been laughing how they keep saying that… but again the reading yesterday confirmed it all.

What I wanted to hear is timeline from her –  and she said in July.

I’m going to listen to the recording again now.

And you know what, that again is another confirmation for me.  Because I have been hearing my voice, feeling / seeing a vision of me saying “This is the best birthday present ever!!” And it was me making a toast to my TV staff.

And hell yea!  When I heard that, I was like YES, YES, YES.

I’m doing it this month.  Peddle to the meddle.






PS:  I also realized as I was speaking to her, or maybe right after, that this blog, this journey I’ve been sharing with people – well right now, no one is paying to go through it… and I had a vision that this blog is for me… that I will turn it into an autobiography, like a book – guidebook for lightworkers on how to get themselves out there and do their divine mission.  Of course other people will want to read it too — how I propelled myself to such stardom what seems to be overnight.  HELL YEA!  Making this vision BIGGER AND BIGGER.  After all it’s all an illusion and we are creators and if we can make it all we want, then you might as well.  KEEP DREAMING BIGGER!  It’s fun!  Creation!  Hey, I’ve been doing that for years with me, upgrading — now I am doing it with my career dreams!  HELL YEA!  This is the best time of my life.  I am loving this time!! YES!  (Amazing how I had those 3 bad days, and now I’m back in action… you gotta keep lifting yourself up and dreaming and believing and doing!  YES YES YES)