April 6, 2013

So I was also asking – questioning – why I was intimidated by that building.

I’ve been in fancy places before.  I”ve been around money before.  I grew up with money, so what’s the deal?

It has to do with the building — the amenities.  The building.  It’s intimidating.

It has practically EVERYTHING you can think of in a building.  It’s straight up LUXURY.

Full Gym.  Concierge.  Valet.  Gated community with person at gate.  Shoppes.  Tennis courts.  Pools.  Marina and Ocean views (WHAT THE FUCK?!!)  and more stuff… I just can’t remember now.  A reading room / library.  A wine room.  A Bar.  A billiards room.  A living room area.

Heck, I don’t need cable at all, not like I get it anyway — I just go downstairs to watch it!

That’s even more fun, meet my neighbors 🙂  I like that!  Especially when they are good quality neighbors, and they are – cause the building is fucking fancy!

So it’s the building that makes me intimidated, but I need to get over that.  Spirit is clearly helping me get over that.  I’m just still taking in how they are like “go back – ask more questions — keep moving forward”

I can’t help but wonder / analyze(?) is this to keep me in a high vibration?  Or is it cause I’m really going to live there?  It’s like a dream come true!! Better than a dream come true!  It’s luxury living!! My two favorite words – – words that I always say I want — to be living luxuriously!