January 13, 2013

I just spoke to one of my healers who is also sort of a collegeau as well.  I was asking her about how she does the invite thing to events through Facebook.  She explained to me that you have to friend people in the area in order to invite them.  I explained to her that I don’t want to friend all these random people, I explained that I used to have 5,000 people on my friend’s list and I eliminated it all cause I could never access information of people who I wanted to contact for business or personal.

Anyway, she ended the conversation with something like…. “this is what we have to do… it’s a part of business” (this was relating to promoting our business).

I got off the phone with her and shared how I think that’s a limiting belief, etc…

And again, right away the Masters came into my mind.

Jesus, Moses, Martin Luther King.

None of them had Facebook.  None of them “created events” and then invited “their friends” to.

None of them worked hard at promotion.

They just shared their message and people started listening.

Lately it’s been in my mind the belief about…. one person at a time.

That’s why I am doing in person talks with whoever shows up.  I had this philosophy before when I started doing my talks the last time, but now it’s at a different level of understanding.

This also goes along with other speaking gigs that I schedule.  I told the other guy that as long as 2 people sign up we’ll hold the event.  That works as well.  I see how this gives people the opportunity to feel safer and more comfortable with me.  It also gives us an opportunity to establish more of a relationship.

From there, the people will be interested in private sessions.  Not all of them, but there will be some… and that’s the way it goes.

One person at a time.

I never built my business in this way.  I used to always think mass marketing, cause that’s the way I did it with my event planning company and then that’s the way I saw people do it with their internet marketing businesses…. but I see how the way I want to do it… the way that maybe makes more sense for me right now is one person at a time.

More person oriented.  More heart centered.  More present.  More focused.

I’m not going to go crazy with Facebook or other promotions.  I find it to be a waste of my energy.  Spirit is guiding me.  Spirit is promoting me.  I know Spirit helps me each step of the way and if my business hasn’t been growing as fast as I have wanted I know that the message continues to be PATIENCE.  It’s not that I can’t get what I want… cause I will and more.  I know it’ll be better than I have been imagining all these years and it’s just a matter of settling down and taking it one step at a time… one person at at time…. do the work and focus on helping each person.  That’s it.

Spirit has always lead me.  Always guided me.  And I know that they are here.

Before I used to get mad at Spirit feeling like they were ignoring me or leaving me out or leaving me behind, not listening to my requests for another student or more money or whatever, now I know they  are re-arranging behind the scenes.

Thank you