November 16, 2012

Something very good has changed in me today.  I’m happy.  Freedom!

I’m keeping my eye on the prize.  I’m in the process of attracting more one on one students as well as bigger projects.  This is what I am focusing on.

I notice how I was getting too focused on people who were complaining of money issues or not ready to change… people who were stuck in complaining and frustration, but not wanting to really change it.

So I’m stopping that.

Those people are not my focus anymore.

The only people who are my focus are the ones who want the change.  Who want the change bad enough to find whatever money they need to find in order to work with me.  The people who are sick and tired of whatever issues they are dealing with.  People who are ready for the change and who want it.

That’s it.

That’s where I’m focusing.  The other people can leave my life.  Those people are no longer in my awareness.

Everyone can choose what they want to work on at their own time.  This is fine.

I realize how I was getting too wrapped up in their story.

Too wrapped up in trying to get them to change or help them to change… and it was just an ugly look.

I thought it was the caring thing to do.

The loving thing.

Fuck that.

Not anymore.

I focus on my needs.  My desires.  And I want to work with more paying students who are ready to change and want me to help them.  The end.